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There is that cliché question that people throw around every so often …what would you tell your younger self? (Am still young by the way). I have one piece of advice that comes up every time and that is to live albeit more dangerously. Life becomes boring when all your routine entails work, occasional drink (lies), home and bridal ceremonies (this is a big one guys). When I said living dangerously, I don’t mean becoming a pick pocket in Nairobi or changing my career to a professional dancer (but this would be so cool), I mean adventure. I joined a group of friends who too wanted some spice in their lives. We have events every 3rd Saturday of every month (you should join us by the way). Let me stop rumbling and get to it aye? The month’s activity was to do a hike in Ngong Hills. I had never been to a hike before, at least not officially. I did my research, do some exercises prior (which I didn’t do), wear comfortable shoes, wear warm clothes and so on and so forth (you guys must know what google recommends).

We arrived at Ngong Hills at around 10.30 am, our plan was to climb seven hills and traverse the forest then eat lunch later that other side. We took a group photo as usual, packed our snacks, chatted a bit, hoped the rain would not find us an went for it. There is something about having fun people around you, you have more confidence, you are happy and somehow more energetic. We walked in groups, discussing all sorts of things; the weather, the last event’s shenanigans, politics, environment, energy …Dude!! Anything can be a topic of discussion with these peeps, even a butterfly, you learn so much it’s crazy. The first three kilometers were alright and in my head I started thinking, if this is it then I can do it all day long…, the forest is splendid, there are wind turbines up there and it’s such a sight, so we took more photos and climbed some more. At this point, my heart is racing and I can tell I won’t be doing this all day long as I had earlier imagined. So the first two hills were pretty straight forward. The views were breathtaking we had to take it in and take more photos at every top.

Preparing for a hike is important (that much I gathered), these fun people are so keen on exercise so many of them were doing okay (This is not jealousy by the way). It was a challenge that I should have taken more seriously. But, I pushed forward, the group supported each other on the journey and at every top of the hill, I would look back and I could not believe I actually climbed that hill…sometimes it got so bad that my friends lied to me that we were on the last hill (talk about negative motivation). Hill one, two, three, four and counting. Have I told about you the views? They were magnificent, the air, the calm, the green, if I was a yoga instructor, this is where I would be getting my inspiration (I have dreams DANG!). We met a few other groups on the way, said hi in a game recognizes game kind of way, we met our Maasai brothers selling climbing sticks, we met with a group herders who told us that they wished the rain would come so we could understand their struggle (hehe).At the 7th hill, I was sure I would not make it. I was tired, sweating, I felt like my heart was outside my body and I was surviving merely on God’s grace, so I took the hill a breath at a time, literally. I knew can’t go back, yet I had such a great support system I was not about to disappoint them, but more importantly I was not about to give up, I felt like I owed it to myself. Finally I made it to the top of the hill, guess who I met there? my group cheering me on, and wait for it…..masseuses!!!. These two strong men helped myself (I can give details on request) and the group recover and continue with the hike. The rest of the hike was easy, relaxing, fun, more photos, and more stories. We had lunch later and played pool, my team won… I have the score with me. It was a life changing experience for me, to say the least. On my way home, I was ready to prepare a speech for my neighbors in my apartment heck! I was even ready to create my own talk show (hehe). I have always wanted to live my life on the edge, and the TREK is helping me achieve this.

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