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It’s been two months past a year now. Well, a year since we started doing this formally. The TREK, that’s what I called ourselves. Then I realized we usually have fun, so we added The TREK and FUN. I couldn’t describe best what we usually do, especially to those who need a plan to live. I am a random person. Wake up and decide to go to Naivasha. Not just Naivasha, wake up and decide I’m climbing Mt. Longonot today. I call a bunch of friends. To my surprise 7 of them appear in the morning of June 17th.

I had actually decided, I am going to do it alone. Boring huh! That’s how crazy determined I was.

Pant, pant half way the peak we decided to make it something of the regular. “But we have jobs? Regular won’t work for all of us at the same time.” “Well, how about the 3rd Saturday of the month?”

 “Sounds like a plan to me. Bye now.”

At least we have a date, now we need a place. 6 places that we can do a return trip. That means about 2 hours or less drive. “How about Mt. Suswa, Menengai Crater, Mt. Kilimambogo, Concour D’elegance, Oloolua Nature trail, Stan Chart Marathon then we close the year with a visit to a children’s home.” “Again, sounds like a plan to me.”

I love kids, the smiling ones though. The happy lot. I actually got 2 of my own. The children’s home is a nice place to interact with them. Someone once told me you can never love someone the wrong way. Whether it is showing off or genuine, the person receiving is the one that matters most. So we decided we are willing to adopt one, the home, not the kid. Haha. But we haven’t settled on one yet. Don’t worry, we’ll get there.

We are more than 10 now. Determined souls, crazy energies. I have no idea what these people feed on. Consistency is taking shape.

“So how about the New Year Kris, any plans?” “Well, Karura Forest, Hell’s Gate Geothermal and Spa, Ngong hills hiking, Kisames Giraffe Camp, The Forest- Kereita and Sagana rapids camp.” “Damn it, I’m broke, can’t do all these in a row.” “Ok, let’s postpone two of those and do a sports day at Lukenya  m, a City tour and a Game drive instead.” “How about that?” “Sounds like a plan.”

That’s how easy we are, flexible liberal people.

We are more than 15 now. Still determined souls, and even crazier energies

I have travelled a lot, and I am willing to go on as long as my health and strength permits.

Throughout this time I have learnt a lot and had Fun at the same time. I have built some sort of self-confidence, self-esteem, or so I think.

Regardless, I feel like a much better person than I was. I have met and interacted with great friends. I have realized that with a group of 15 – 20 people you can make the world a smiley face.

I have learnt the importance of family, it’s not just the blood that makes you family.

I have learnt that we have a fighting spirit no matter how crazy a situation seems.

I have learnt that phobias can make you shed tears.

I have learnt that you can still crack jokes and do crazy without drinking or getting high.

I have learnt that you can have an extreme but healthy competition amongst friends.

I have learnt that we are different.

So, I developed an open mind.

We have different backgrounds, raised from different cultures. But with an interest that is common, all these are nothing but stories to tell around a bonfire.

We are only limited by our imagination.

Fears, Phobias, whatever you call it, is only but it the mind, the body can do just about anything you push it through. Someone, didn’t know how to swim, but dove in the deep end. Someone is afraid of heights, but did a 500 meter zip lining after climbing a 50 feet tall ladder. The other one had a twisted knee and a painful shoulder but still swung like a pro. Another was heavy with child. Hehe, that phrase. That’s what I call achievements, a bucket list checked box.

We have different crazies, things that ‘chafua roho’. Things that make our bones tick, stories that make eyeballs pop out with amazement. Weird superstitions. Hear-says about different cultures. Multiple skeletons in the closets. Some even becoming fossils.

Other than all these, we have amazing future plans, fantasies. We have a bucket list that we so much want to tick off some boxes, we have skills that we want to gain in this short life. Places to travel, foods to taste. Airs to breathe.

Well, let’s make The TREK more of an achievement group. A place where you can tackle your fears, gain those skill sets in your mind, travel that island you see on posters. Breathe the clean air of Nature. Be the best of your IMAGINATION.

Religion, race, gender, tribe, politics, don’t limit us. I think we all believe in one God. I call him Nyasae, some Ngai, some Allah but it’s all the same. The path might be different but the destination is the same. We all shed red blood, unless you are an avatar. So the melanin percentage doesn’t make you any lesser or superior of a being. The mind is what defines us. Not that thing between your legs.

We are equals.

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