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For one to participate in a marathon, the most critical thing is endurance. However, endurance comes when one has trained for a period of time. So me and my friend expressed interest in doing the marathon two months to the event. We then agreed on a training schedule and settled on building mileage, setting distances and working on our speed. Five weeks to the marathon, we started at running three kilometers a day and gradually increased the distance everyday till we got to 10 kilometers a day owing to the fact that we intended to do the 10 kilometer run. I was not keen on the speed but on getting to finish the 10km. That feeling when you cross that finish tape – Oh! sorry that’s only for the winners. Although, speed is very important to assess one’s progress. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), was real. I kept a good diet avoiding junk food, I don’t know about Kris, he is in love with iced cake, last time I checked. On the day, I arrived at the starting point with light wear – Lingerie, nuh, just kidding. (If so I would have won the men’s race), I also had glucose and water. Are you still on the lingerie bit? Well, Kris and I agreed to meet at the finish line and separated 200m after the start, (he ain’t loyal). The start was quite crowded, but less congested as we progressed. At Least I could spot a good number behind me. My chest did not burn until I completed 3 kilometers! This never happened during training, mmmh! Quite an achievement I must say. A competitive mentality I guess. All I did was try to beat the person in front of me to the finish line. What I realized quickly is that you identify your pace setter (Not Kris) and 100% chances you are a pace setter for someone else too. Quite a number cheated by taking shortcuts (Does this make me a snitch he he he). I on the other hand kept the faith. I finished in 1:21:56!!! – personal best in athletes language. The highlight of the event was seeing very old people and young children cross the finish line, somehow, it is simply satisfying. Knowing we ran for a reason and someone will be granted the gift of sight through our running. I enjoyed the experience fully and I am looking forward to the 2018 marathon.

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Chris Shitote


Chris Shitote


Chris Shitote

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