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This is going to be a short one. Main reason? Nothing really, just that there is so much history out there that repeating it will be boring. You have to visit this place to understand what I mean. Old metal, not the music, no no. Old steel, or whatever the material they used to craft those locomotives. I forgot to ask. But men are they heavy?

 I loved the experience. The beauty of it all is the location, right in the heart of the city. Literally. You can use public means and it’s about a 20 minute walk from the furthest bus stop within the city. The nearest one being just 5 minutes away (Railways). 

Well, we chose the driving side of life so along Haile Salesie avenue outbound there is a junction just before the central post office or if you like money, then, the junction is directly opposite the Central bank of kenya. Can’t remember the road name though, google maps will assist with that. Poor me, I am going to visit a museum with such a memory, pure waste of time I guess. Nuh, it’s all about interest really. I love to understand where certain concepts come from and this time the Kenya railways was in mind. 

Myself and a bunch of close friends decided that we are saving for a trip to Arusha, and what better way to do than to just visit cheaper places prior to the 250 dollar trip. We could have stayed home, right? See, we have this thing that we have to go out every 3rd weekend of the month. The beauty about this trip is that it was a 2 dollar trip and an extra 10 dollars if you want to pose for pictures with pictures of the queen and some chief engineer guy. Oh and bells, a bicycle that rode on the rail, an old calculator, awesome steam engines…and…ohh my memory again.

They all date back to the late 1800s and early 1900s, at least that’s what Loraine said. I don’t forget ladies’ names. Haha. 

I said this will be a short one, right? I’ll try.

I loved the graffiti on the driveway, then there was the shedding of the jacaranda flowers. It’s that time of the year. The staff, one word. Friendly. 

Then the yard, well kept with these huge locomotives, some just plain, some painted all sorts of colours. They all capture the eye. 

I had kids with me, and at first I thought they would be bored. But, you should have seen them. You can touch stuff in this museum. I found that unique. Well, and you know kids. They were all over the place. 

I saw the queen’s plate, and cutlery, how many of you can say that. It doesn’t really matter to me anyway, but just to be taken through such rich history, it’s amazing.

Fun fact: Kenya got named because of the railway. Most Railway lines/ roads get named because of a country  or a region they pass through but Kenya got named because of the Railway. Loraine, I hope I got that right?

There is so much in there and I don’t want to repeat the history books. So just go and experience it. While you are there don’t forget to ask Loraine why Nanyuki was the last mile of the rail. She has 3 reasons for it.

Few more highlights is getting outside and getting to experience how people traveled back in the days. Luxury and comfort is how I would describe it, and the level of detail in everything that you see and touch is just on another level. How I wish I could experience such now. 

The sad part is that there is a huge relaxing area which looked like an amazing park but now it’s all run down. Broke my heart and the kids as well.

No more history from me.

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