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Planning to go on a hike? Are you prepared? Probably not, well, hiking just like any outdoor activity needs a lot of preparation both physically and psychologically. There are two basic reasons why anyone should prepare for a hike. Either you have just started hiking, and you need to get going, or you are training for a big trek. Both of these will need similar preparatory guidelines, with a little bit more focus when heading for the big trek.

What do I need to prepare?

At all times these three are key:

1.      Muscle

 If you have ever been on a serious hiking trip, then you know that your muscle can really pull the whole team back. It’s important to have a mini hike a few times before you attempt a real challenge. Ensure that core body support and all those hundreds of muscles are up to speed and test for the challenge.

2.                  Lungs

Humans got two of these – Oxygen in and Carbon Dioxide out, so they say. But if you have ever been up a hill or mountain, then you understand how precious and tough breathing can be. Your heart and lungs need to be fit enough so as to acclimatize well with every altitude you progress to. The higher you go, of course, the cooler it becomes, but so it is, the higher you go the thinner the air, which might be challenging if you have respiratory issues. So to help you with this, get out and feel the air, (no treadmills recommended) and just jog around your block a couple of times a day to improve on your lungs and heart response. Also when new to hiking, start small on the altitude, shall we say 1500m? Nuuuuh, take it to 2500m, you can handle that I bet.

3.                  Hiking Gear

Gear is essential for any hike, showing up to a hike event in baggy jeans could totally ruin your hiking experience. Extreme cases of wrong gear for hiking have proven fatal. It could get cold, it could rain, it could be too dry and hot, it could be wet and slippery and just but to mention a few concerns. Your hiking gear needs to be light and body-hugging. Remember, you will be going through thickets, rocks, and bushes; you don’t want to end your hiking event with ripped pants or a twisted ankle. Your feet need to feel comfortable in boots, while your shoulders and hips need to feel comfortable with your backpack.

Last Thoughts

Doctors Blessings -A hike, unlike many outdoor activities, can be an excruciating experience for a beginner. It’s therefore advisable to see a doctor if you have been inactive for a while. Your physician will be able to advise you on activities you can take before booking your next hike.

Always Enjoy the Experience- While most people get into hiking for physical health, hiking is actually a recreational activity, and it needs to be fun. Take your hike to a green and clean place that you will be able to breathe in all that nature provides us for free.

Tag along a friend– Never go on a hike alone, unless of course, it is in a high traffic area. Otherwise tag a buddy along, it’s always good when you share your hiking schedule with friends, makes the whole experience less treacherous. Take Pictures and Live in the moment-While hiking is essentially a recreation & physical activity, it’s also a disciplined art that eventually teaches us perseverance, determination, patience and the best bit, “Goals are achievable.” Therefore, next time you get to the summit of your little town hill, take a photo, feel proud and let others know that you accomplished a big goal this year!!!!

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