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South of Nairobi. Approximately 160 km from Kenya’s Capital. But why should I be interested in this town? I’m not interested in importing or exporting anything. 

However, I’ve never stepped foot outside this country.

Not even 1 meter outside?

Nope, never, it’s like I’m in a cage. Who created these boundaries anyway?

Do you want to get me started on history? 

Please don’t let’s do something I could be proud of at my age. 

Ok, How about Namanga?

Where is that?

The Kenya-Tanzania Border.

Woohoo, I’m in. Do we get to go into Tanzania?

Weeell, technically no. But yes.

What the hell does that even mean? No and Yes in the same sentence, are you writing a kids song or something. You know, like the ‘Johnny, Johnny yes papa, eating sugar, no papa’ song.

Well, there is a Tanzanian flag there, also you’ll get to speak and listen to fluent swahili for once, not only on Diamond Platinumz songs.

Ok, I’m in. When is that? What should I pack? Should I wear sunglasses to look like a foreigner? What will we do there? Do we get to eat Tanzanian food? Have you ever been there before?

Hey, hey, heeeey, slow down. No, I haven’t been to Namanga, but I’ve been to other places. It’s just a 3 hour drive. We should be back by evening so nothing to pack, just dress comfortably. Not much of a change from the Kenyan people. Infact, most of the population is Kenyan. If we get to go to Tanzania, it will only be like a kilometer inside. Yes we’ll look for a nice restaurant on the other side and the food should pretty much be similar to ours. Maybe a different cooking style, not sure. On the sunglasses part, you’re kidding, right? You watch too much of DJ Afro movies, plus you are wearing specs now. 
Anyways, we’ll first do a hiking activity at Ol Donyo Orok, popularly known as Namanga Hills. That’s the main reason for Namanga being on my list. 

You’ve ruined it, I’m not going. 

Come on. The hike is only a 45 mins walk and you get to swim in a stream midway there, surrounded by the freshest of air. It’s like Karura but times 10 better. You remember Karura, right? 


So, picture that, but better, more serene, quiet, taller natural trees, untouched vegetation. I’m told there is even a worshipping point. A rocky point that serves as worshipping ground where people go there for days without food just to talk to God. 

When you get to the top you get the best of views. A spread of Namanga town, Mt. Longido and even Kilimanjaro at a far distance if you are lucky and the skies are clear and we get there early. Which I doubt since you are always late. But don’t worry I’ll point you to it. Also one more thing, there is a journey to it so it’s a mini road trip. From Nairobi, to Athi River, to Kitengela, to other towns and places.

Ok, I’m in. 

Great, and this time there is no out. I’ve actually just talked to someone and they are saying we’ll go to Tanzania for food and drinks, and guess what the beer there is like 50 bob.

No way.

Yep, so you get a whole crate for like 1200. 

I can’t finish a crate in one sitting. What i’m I a guzzler?

Last time I checked, yes. But , no worries, I have friends joining in and you can invite as many of your friends as you want. We will be driving there so let me know early enough so that I can plan for transport and make lunch reservations.

How much will that cost me? 

About Ksh. 2000. 

And that will be all?

Pretty much, unless something pops up. You know, like you decide to restore your guzzling spirits.


Why do you keep doing that?

Excitement, I’ve never crossed into another country.

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