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Easy Weekend


This feels like a 2 two liner. You know, one that has just a title and a first sentence, then that’s it. But, there is always something to talk about so I’ll try and make it a one pager. 

We only have a few hours of activity. It was designed that way for this weekend. We are going to take it easy. The idea for us is to be as consistent as possible. Every 3rd weekend we try  to get out. We sometimes just meet up for a chat. A cup of whatever is always an option. This is one of those weekends. 

The plan is to go bowling. None of us has done it before so we are all psyched up. Or so I think. Let me speak for myself. This is a first for me. The meeting point is at Sarit center at 2:00pm. I find myself at the gate at 2:01. That’s how ready I am to roll some balls. I’m hungry though we are just the 2 of us and we are expecting some more. So, something for the stomach is worth the wait. There is a food court at the mall, In fact plenty of them. Several eateries grouped to a common sitting area. My brother tells me it feels like high school again. But, at least we have the advantage of choosing our meals. We pick a great spot. A perfectly painted time square mural graces my view. My brain demands fish. I have no time to argue with that. Few more friends arrive. It was a feast for me. What next. 

Time for action, we head one floor down. There it is, the arena, or so I want to think. I am highly competitive. Anything challenging sparks some fire in me. I head to the payment booth. Damn, there is a 50 minute waiting list. That’s long, especially when you’ve had a whole Tilapia and there is no bed around. The person serving us could tell our disappointment so she quickly suggested that we can hang around at the pool tables. Who does that? Who hangs around a pool table. So we pay for an hour-long game. We are 4 people now. We can form a band. Oh sorry we can play a double. For some it’s their first time. The cue stick seems heavy, don’t worry Nyambura, you’ll get used to it. 

Two more people arrive. The band is coming up nicely now we have a bass guitarist. Hehe.

The game is done. We are defeated hands down. Our opponents have longer fingers I guess. Or maybe they were good in geometry of whatever subject pool relates to.

Just remembered, I never described this place really. It’s like an indoor amusement park for adults. The paying area has this huge shoe rack. Apparently you need sneakers or the equivalent to step onto the bowling area. Then there’s this guy seated opposite the paying area with VR goggles on the table, I think he offers the services. I didn’t ask.  Next you have this room that has pool tables, huge screens streaming live sports, electronic Basketball hoop, Foosball, Air Hockey etc. I’m sure I missed something. I was busy being taught how not to win at a pool game. 

On to the next room, This is where you get some relaxing space. You have some sort of lounge. People are just relaxing  and having their drinks. Then you have the bowling arena. Dark lit. or should I say ambient lit. Whichever the word. I think it is a strategy for you to lose.  The pins are visible though. So no more excuses for losing.

After payment you are assigned a lane. It has a screen that displays your name and the sequence of play.

I’m new at this. Unfortunately, I have to start. I’m the guinea pig here. I’m a quick learner though. So, you have 20 bowls to roll down an aisle, your target is 10 pins at the end of the aisle. A perfect score of course is to make sure they all fall. It’s more challenging than it seems. Wait, Let me speak for myself. Allan is nailing every throw. He’s like a warrior at this. Scores are recorded at the display screen. I am almost last. I need my A game. I have 10 balls left. 10 balls later. I’m the leader. Oh wait. It is always lonely at the top. Allan rolls last. It’s a tie. That’s the fun of everything. We’ll come back next time. 

The bell rings, just kidding. It’s coffee time. I know a place. How about coffee at the Library. Hehe. don’t be scared. It’s just a name. A lovely name for a coffee shop. Wait till you see the menu. It’s like one of your favourite subject textbooks back in high school. Then you have these sitting cottages. It’s just you staring at the one you brought or brought you. Not for us though. No one is in love at the moment, maybe next time. So we have to sit in the common area. It’s an easy evening, great chat. Few sips. Let’s close the page here.

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