The Trek, how best do I describe this? 

How often do you spend your weekends indoors wondering what to do for the rest of the day? Then you end up watching a movie and dozing off midway. How often do you wake up over the weekend and wonder what to do for the day? Then you lazy around and find yourself in the nearest social joint spending more than what you had planned for. How often do you want to stay fit? But doing it alone is a toll order from your body and boring as F**k. How often do you scan websites on places to visit, and you end up with multiple open browser Tabs with none that satisfy your budget. How often do you open social media websites and feel jealous for all you see is pictures of your friends having fun. I could go on and on about ‘How often you’….Ok I’ll stop.

So now, how best should I describe the TREK? You tell me. For every 3rd Saturday of the Month we try to occupy you with maximum FUN and best of all, on a budget. We limit ourselves to what is affordable to the ordinary person with extra ordinary thirst for adventure. We will pick you up take you on a simple trip and make sure you experience it differently. We are not after your pocket, well, maybe just your pocket change. We are a nonprofit group that is out not to make money but to make sure that what you pay is what is spent on a FUN event or activity. 

Activities that bring the best and crazies out of you. Builds your confidence, relaxes your mind, increases your social network and changes your perspective about our mother planet and all that comes in it, including natures best, its weird wonders and diverse cultures. 

So, this is a social grouping of people with similar interest of exploring this lovely planet EARTH. We started back in June, 2017. One of us woke up and decided, “let’s go hike Mt. Longonot” and since then we have relentlessly toured, hiked, nature walked, biked, swam, team built, played games, and even just sat down for a chatty meal together across different attraction sites. 

We are people who are out to have fun, people who are not afraid to get out there and explore. We are people who seek to meet strangers and build a network of people with similar interests.

So there you go. That’s THE TREK. 

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