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>It’s a public holiday on Friday, long weekend, so why don’t you join the TREK to Sagana?

>The TREK?

> Yeah, that’s a group of friends organizing monthly trips to enjoy the beauty of Kenyan countryside, to experience nature and to escape the rush of the city. It’s all about FUN (that’s what they say) and having a good time together! Now I know.

I don`t know if it’s the possibility of getting to know strange ‘interesting’ people (it seems as if they have the same interest as me…)  or the promised bonfire at the evening that convinced me, anyway, two hours later I found myself sitting in a shuttle to Nairobi! That’s how quick I can pack for a long weekend with strangers.

I was told, people meet at 7:30 in the morning to start the trip to Sagana, but I have been long enough in Kenya not to be surprised that the actual departure time was at 9:30. Damn! Is it possible for someone to package a missed sleep as a takeout? You know, for later? I miss those 2 hours of sleep. After the allocation for space in the different vehicles, chatting, having breakfast, laughing, talking, cheering and dozing off, we are set to go.

The journey was a short one, about an hour and a half drive North East of Nairobi. On Thika Super Highway they call it.

As we arrived at the parking spot, the rapids camp-ranger told us clearly, that we don’t have to do a lot, but follow his instructions. Which happened to be a lot, we are adults, duh!

And there was the first adventure for the day (the instructions came in handy here): Crossing the wooden bridge beyond the waterfall and taking a dinghy to bring us and our luggage (more or less dry) to the other side of the rapid stream. I think, I think I saw some tears, not mentioning names. Luckily we were not on our own. You could hear the noise of the powerful dropping water, feel the splashes and a breath of cold air surrounding you, then you enter the beautiful campsite located on the river island. What a Moment!

After a quick getting-to-know-each-other-round we started our next activities: With a lifejacket on we tried to swim against the Tana River currents, that’s harder than it sounds! After this swimming-experience again: it’s all about following the instructions! But on the rafting boat the assignments are pretty easy: paddle forwards!!- paddle backwards!! Until someone shouted mamba, mambadidn’t know the meaning, but it sounded terrifying, then funny. Someone of the raft wanted to take off while the rest just wondering if they let the river take them downstream of jump in the water for the mamba to have lunch. One of the guys started to slap the water using the paddle. Oh my ribs! Just call it the ‘mamba moment’.

Although scary, at the end of the day, everybody enjoyed a lot! I think?

Just a few minutes later, I found myself above a waterfall facing 5-10m deep dropping water. “Just walk and do a big step off the cliff” – It’s all about following the instructions, huh!  So we jumped! Wow!! What an extraordinary experience!

Then some guys playing football, then the nightfall, then some mind games. Crazy energies I must say.

After nice dinner I felt reinvigorated for the bonfire round: Sitting, laughing, chatting, playing, and enjoying the moment!

It’s camping so I have to write about the morning after. Right?  Anyways, not much, most of us woke up at 9:00 am. Breakfast is served. Missed the sunrise. After a good night rest Kris pops up and says, we still have 3 more activities to go. Argh! This guy! Then he collects 3 short sticks and say Toni, you be our extender. Hop, Step… Juuuump. Guess he knew how high I could jump. 10 minutes later, done. Game over, somebody won. Then marbles, unfortunately, I have 10 thumbs, I can’t shoot. It’s a tie. Then the final game, short race, 50m run? I’ve known these guys to be good at the marathons so let’s see how they fair with this one. Usain should see this. Someone slips, game over, we have a winner. People laughing all the way home. Music playing in the car, it’s a local dialect song, Don’t know if Shazam has it. So I just nod to the tune. Lovely.

Thank you for this wonderful weekend! Thank you for welcoming me that warmly! I am already looking forward to the next Trip with The Trek!

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