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Have you ever sat down and contemplated on which activity or function you had to attend because all of them are important and you don’t want to let one go? That was the dilemma I faced on this fateful Saturday where I was meant to attend a family occasion and also attend Kisames giraffe camp with the trekkers. Anyway long story short I decided I can hack this day by attending both events but trust you me, this day plus Mother Nature had a totally different agenda for me.

As usual every 3rd Saturday of the month my calendar and diary is forcefully booked by the TREK events. I always look forward for these days with so much zeal for I know I will not have any dull moment with this group.

On this Saturday since I was to attend two activities I had packed clothes and extra shoes in my backpack (this turned out to be useful later on the day). One of the trekkers who is indeed a good friend(Kris i’m not calling names) of mine is the one who convinced me that I could hack attending the trek and the family occasion. We met at tuskys – Kenyatta Avenue on this early morning and man was it cold? The rains had poured the day before but this could not tie down the trekkers. So we all departed, headed for Kisames giraffe camp not without prayers to keep us safe and asking the almighty God to give as an awesome time. First, we introduced ourselves to all the new trekkers and as usual mingle and catch up. Honestly speaking, the journey there was so short because of the good company.

Kisames , Kisames, Kisames, we got close and to my awe there were people who were running uphill and it was muddy and chilly. Personally that is not me, I better seat back in this nice tour bus and enjoy the scenery – as a matter of fact the ngong hills, which were covered by clouds but still provided a blissful sight. 

As I had said it had rained the previous day and this is where the trek and adventure of the day started. The tour bus started skidding off the road for a while but the driver managed to steer it back on track. Little did we know that that was just the tip of the ice bag. A few kilometers after the swerving we came face to face with what Mother Nature had intended for us. Yes! The road was impassible and the mud was like chocolate on both sides of what had been left of the road. We got stuck in the mad and the men decided to push the vehicle some ladies also got out of the bus in the name of helping but that was a great opportunity to take photos and as for me I was left in the bus not wanting to get muddy for I had a function after this (that’s how understanding these friends can be). It quickly dawned on me that nature and fate had planned that I attend only the treks activity and I was ok with this. We managed to get out of the chocolate syrup, but, out of the frying pan into the fire so do they say. We ended up getting stuck on a bridge that looked like the construction workers had no idea of what they were doing. We abandoned the bus there and decided to walk to Kisames giraffe camp (anyway what would this day have been without a muddy trek). By the time we were getting to the giraffe camp we were muddy as hell but we were all happy and excited (thanks heavens I had a change of clothes, pole to those who didn’t). 

The high ropes were not a joke and they were not for the faint hearted I will not spell out names for now but some people opted out of this activity. The activities had two objectives to the passed on. One was long term investments, ‘take long and take time’ (hope I got this right fellow Trekkers) and the other was ‘teamwork is essential’. On one of the high ropes you had to cross over to the other side in a group of two or three. The leader had to shine light on where the followers had to step on as to cross this as a team and make sure no man or woman is left behind. 

The other activities were also really good and some needed mental work and physical effort combined like having a riddle to solve. The zip lining was the cherry on top. Here I got to face my fear of heights(what do scientists call that? wharever) but it’s funny how I got encouraged by the face of some of the trekkers who were more sacred. So, first, I had to climb a ladder that if you miss one step you are off but thanks we had safety gear and some crazy guy guiding us, plus, there was some sort of cheering squad that was on the ground. Zip lining was so much fun I need to do it again. Later on, we had a cake to celebrate the TREK April babies (join us if you love sort of free delicious fruitcake) and had our snacks as we still joked around. 

This day could not have turned out better than it did. With the up and the downs which were definitely ups I could not have asked for a better day full of fun and fun loving people.  Now you know why my third Saturdays of each month are dedicated to these crazies.

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